Versailles Community Betterment (VCB) hosts a movement in our town that brings volunteers, volunteer resources and homeowners together to accomplish home improvement projects that the homeowners are not able to accomplish on their own. Whether that be due to finances or physical ability, we strive to fill the gap that stands before the homeowner whenever possible. 

Locals volunteer their trades and skills in a block offering of one hour to one day to one job. Local businesses donate materials, offering from fifty percent reduced price to one hundred percent donation. 

Also, an organization called Mid Missouri Missions Team (3MT) sends teenage missionaries willing to do service work for the afore mentioned homeowners. They work in our town and surrounding towns for the one week a year and return to their “camp” at California Middle School, where they eat breakfast and dinner, hold a worship service each night and sleep in bags on the floors. 

Last but not least, Versailles churches gather to feed the 3MT missionaries and CPW volunteers lunch each day of the week. They also provide an additional layer of volunteers that serve the homeowner and 3MT as a liaison.  

VCB is encouraged and honored to organize this incredible movement of giving in our community. We thank 3MT for bringing their missionaries to our community to witness and serve. 

If you would like to volunteer for Community Partner Week, please contact Amy Siler 378-5525. If your youth would like to participate in the 3MT program, connect with them at

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