VCB Board Meeting Minutes – 3/25/2019


Doc Jones, Becky Callaghan, Jennifer Avey, Tim Avey, June Avey, Diane Robinson, RP Robinson, Amy Siler, Aubrey Schrader, Jaime Wright, Jacquie Brewer, Chuck Pryor, Allison Pensy, Anne Black, Elva Clark, Tony Coons

Minutes, Corrections and Approval – January 28, 2019 meeting

  1. Motion to accept:  Amy Siler
  2. Second: Allison Pensy

Treasurer’s Report

  1. Motion to Accept: Tony Coons
  2. Second: Elva Clark
  3. Discussion:

Guest Speakers

Lovelight Ministries – RP and Diane Robinson

  • Ministry for battered and abused women of the area.  Also helps recovering addicts and anyone in need.
    • Christian based ministry started by Willie Buckingham.
    • Vision of the Ministry:  Open or build a safe house where homeless or abused women can go after prison.
      • Qualifications to get into the house:
        • Interview process that requires the applicants want to save
        • Follow house rules
        • Work for rent
        • Attend church
        • Attend classes to get them to a point where they are employable.
    • Needs:
      • Additional funding for ministry costs.
      • Clothing Donations
      • Food
      • Hotel Fair
      • Jail Cards – Give $ for prisoners for phone calls and commissary
      • Rehab Facility Enrollment fees

Missouri Community Betterment – Teresa (Keller) Snyder, Executive Director

  • Network for communities to help each other around the state.  She included a list of communities that work together to share what they’ve done to improve their community.
  • Connects communities with other entities for resource partnerships.
  • Participation Fee:  $250 per year for a community of our size.

Committee Reports

Residential Beautification

  • Ideas in Development:
    • Apple Challenge – 3ft apple that people can pay to get the blank and then decorate and enter into a contest.  Blanks would be collected and then reused for future years.
    • Curb Appeal Award – Awards for Home Improvements.
    • Helping Hands – Picks up where 3MT ends.
  • 3MT – July 14th through the 19th
    • Fundraising:  $1570.00
    • Need Servers, cooks and food!
    • Fall Fundraiser for 3MT.  Still Very fluid
  • Requesting $88 for 3MT advertisement
    • Motion: Allison
    • Second: Jacquie

Youth Services

  • Easter Egg Hunt at Good Shepherd
  • Donation could be $125 for quality industries
  • For advertising and
  • Asking for up to $400 for Easter Egg Hunt
    • Motion:  Tony
    • 2nd:  Aubrey

Commercial Beautification

  • Completed Strategic Plan
  • 4 new sub committees
  • Trying to align Front door/Back Door with Community Clean up
  • April 11th doing membership drive at Library.


  • Fish Fry on March 2nd.  Good turn out and served 300 people.
    • Total Expenses:  1177
    • Net total: 
  • Now preparing for ice cream social.
    • Estimated Expense of $300 for Board approval
    • Motion:  Elva Clark
    • 2nd Allison Pensy
  • Next meeting April 15th at 5PM

New Business

  • Approval to add Ellen to our VCB checking accounts and remove Kat
    • Motion: Allison Pensy
    • Second: Anne Black
    • Discussion:
  • Order VCB business cards?
    • $15 set-up charge, then 1 or 2 sided;
    • 250 ct/$33.00;
    • 500 ct/$48.00;
    • 1,000 ct/$56.00
      • Vote:
        • Motion:  Allison Pensy
        • Second: Elva Clark
        • Discussion:  1000 Business cards
        • Jaime Wright Abstained
  • Discuss trash can needs for the City of Versailles
    • Additional trash cans around the square. 
    • Quotes from different places in Morgan County
    • Chuck Pryor recommends to purchase local.
    • Rick Davenport submitted bid
    • Inquire to school to see if FFA could fabricate
    • Trash cans contained close together, but not further down the streets.   Business further from the square have requested to have further down to keep trash contained.
    • Vote
      • Motion: Move that we request bids on 4 trash cans that mirror what is already present on the square by April 15th
      • Second: Becky Callaghan
      • Discussion:  Advertise in the paper also and ask around the area.
  • Discuss VERSAILLES mural maintenance
    • Mural to be sealed to protect it from the weather
      • Has 2 coats of sealant on it
        • Top coat is a sacrificial coat that can be removed to remove dust, damage and vandalism if it happens.
        • A few spots currently that need more sealant.
      • Recommendation from artist is to touch up the mural.
      • Committee asks for Artist to work up bid for Mural.
  • Missouri Community Betterment Participation – Tabled to next meeting
  • Donation for Candy for Easter – Contact Tony or Jaime for more information.
  • Downtown Revitalization grant – 50/50 match
    • Applications due May 31st.
    • Must be sponsored by City
  • Get the word out on the Storm Water issue on the April Ballot.
    • Gives $30,000 more to city parks and sidewalks.
    • Not a tax increase, but ties into the community improvements.
  • Next meeting date: May 20th, 2019
  • Motion to Adjourn: Allison Pensy
    • Second: Elva Clark


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